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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about BOBOVR products, Please contact us
How individual users buy our products?

You can directly find related products on the BOBOVR official website to place an order, or you can go to Amazon to search for BOBOVR and the model keywords of the corresponding products to buy directly.

What regions are currently supported by BOBOVR’s official website for purchase?

The sales system of our official website is still under construction. At present, we can only provide M2 American delivery services, M2 pro supports US and UK shipping, We hope to provide the best shopping experience for the world in the next few months.

Please verify the official guide price when purchasing, our products are priced uniformly around the world.

How to deal with after-sales problems when purchasing products?
  1. If you are buying from Amazon, please use Amazon’s return policy.
  2. If you buy on other platforms, please contact the seller’s customer service staff, they will replace or refund you according to bobovr’s after-sales policy.
  3. If you buy from BOBOVR official website, you can use our email contact information for after-sales.

Thank you for your support.

Why can’t we see the logistics information for the goods we purchased?

Some of our products are shipped by DHL, and the cargo is flown to the United States via Hong Kong. This batch of cargo is currently waiting for the flight at the HK airport. A new tracking information will only be updated when the cargo is loaded on the plane. According to our past experience, it usually takes about 2 weeks from the time the goods are purchased to when you receive them.

Please understand, Best regards.

Why is Amazon showing late delivery?

According to our experience, the time of receipt of the goods is usually earlier than the time shown by Amazon. Amazon usually calculates the display time based on the quantity of goods arriving at the warehouse, but the goods are constantly being delivered to the warehouse, so this time is usually advanced

Thank you for your support .

How to become our authorized agent?

We hope to set up agents in as many different countries and platforms as possible to cover more users.  Please email us to consult agency conditions

Is there a discount for enterprise buyers to purchase in large quantities?

We are very happy to provide services for enterprise users. If you need to purchase our products in large quantities, we will have additional discount services. You can communicate with us by email. In addition, if you have special customization needs, you can also negotiate!

How long does it take for a refund that is approved to arrive in the account?

Because the platform uses a third-party payment channel (PayPal), the money purchased and paid by the user is retained on the third-party platform, and all refunds are directly applied by the platform to the third-party platform to arrange the payment corresponding to the user. , the normal arrival time is 3-7 working days, of course, the specific time depends on the third-party payment channel provider. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, thank you.

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