Incredibly thin  Unimaginably light

Full immersive VR glasses let you enjoy a fantasticvisual splendor.
Z4mini thinner and lighter but still surprising.

Lighter than Z4  Thinner than Z4  Weight

20%  60%  330g

Only need a smart phone.

Z4mini Portable 3D cinima

BOBOVR Z4mini can imitate a private cinema for you , you can enjoy IMAX 3D movies and
fullview movies (Hollywood, Japanese blockbusters, etc)at home;
without leaving home, you can immerse youslef in the real, full view scenes of Mars, Moons,
Beach and ancient times;
You can also experience many exciting video games, roller Coaster, CS, Racing cars...

Full immersive 120°large visual angle

Adopting imported Janpanese PMMA materials, 35mm ultra-short focal distance, 120° ultra-wide
visual angle, the view is closer to human's eye view angle,you will see more real scene.

Humanized Design

Higher adjustment precision, more comfortable button

Clearance Adjustment

Satisfy the needs of 0°- 800° myopia and 0°- 400°hyperopia;
No need to wear glasses, adjust the focal distance after wearing Z4.
You can find the clear view with one hand adjustment.

Easy to adjust the images. Prevent double images and reduce dizziness.

Comfotably Design

Comfortable design can relieve fatigue and reduce dizziness greatly, increasing time of playing games and watching movies.

Heading Strap Adjustment

Enlarge the stress point, reduce the forehead pressure, relieve the tiredness.

Smaller, Lighter, Portable

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ICP filing number: Guangdong ICP 14076917 -1

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