BOBOVR Z4 mini

Incredible light, hot sale classic style

Lighter Thinner Easier

Make Your Virtual World Fantastic

Put on BOBOVR Z4 mini, enter a virtual world and enjoy your fantastic games. You act the leading role of this world! What are you waiting for? With cinematic HD visuals from your smart phone's screen you can easily experience!

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Fully immersed 120° large viewing angle

Japan imported optical grade PMMA lens, the 35mm ultra-short focal length design brings a 120-degree ultra-wide viewing angle closer to the human eye's true viewing angle.

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20% lighter, 60% thinner, only 330g

Fully immersive VR helmet, with the features of small size and light weight. Simplest to use! It balances immersion and clarity of view while providing you the most excellent VR view to watch 360-degree video.

What are the difference between Z4 and Z4mini?

Both models simply plug into a normal smart phone, simulate a private movie theater, lie at home and watch IMAX/3D/Panorama blockbusters (Hollywood, Japan); simulate the moon, Mars, Forbidden City, seaside, without leaving the house; experience stimulating games such as roller coaster, live CS, space battleship, and big pendulum clock.

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Comparison of spec

Net Weight
Gross weight
Lens Type
Color difference
Myopia adjustment
Hyperopia adjustment
Pitch adjustment
Headphone sensitivity
Maximum power
Executive standard
Screen size
Mobile phone size
Recommended phone size
Response Speed
Button Function
Button Life
Main par
Facial contact
3.5 mm headphone jack
Capacitive input button