Feel So Close To The World

Amazing Effect

Immersive Experience

1.Support for larger phones (easy to put 6 inch phone into the 3D glasses) 2.Greater import aspheric lens, 40mm diameter, no deformity, remains adjustable IPD. 3. only 190g double shell design (Internal light absorbing design.External any color), the weight of others are more than 300g. 4. Plug-in cellphone cabin(easier to place the phone and no longer consider the key issues). 5.Multiple vents design(do not worry about long-running the heat generation). 6.high-grade leather cheek design(For more comfortable,costs increased by 4 times) 7. touch button design( a key to pause the movie and play games without handle)8.Stickers headband, easily ajustable

Large-Diameter Tube
IMAX Giant-Screen Experience

BOBOVR lenses imported from Japan, high transmittance, through rigorous testing optical imaging testing, the picture is not deformed, and do not worry about damage to the eyes.

Immersive of 3D Games

Rotating 3D glasses to enjoy the experience as if walk through in game world .

IPD Adjustment Function

Adjustable IPD design can meet your view-watch requirement.Ensure that no ghosting problem.

Built Diffuse Hood

Plastic have a translucent and reflective properties.After several tests, we using flocking diffuse reflectance material.Under the guarantee without increasing the weight,It can absorption of light so that you have a best vitual viewing effect.Play the game more realistic.

Multiple Vents
Thermal Design

The front, the top and the side all have vent hole.Good heat radiating effect.

Imported Leather Eyepatch

Use of environmentally super soft leather, built-elastic foam,breathable, reduced the cheek pressure and support wearing glasses,so you prolonged use without discomfort.

Touch Button Design

BOBO Virtual reality glasses, which domestic fist use of export technology, without the phone ,gently touch can do simple control.
[Demo] movie: Click Start - click Pause drinking Game: Click - fired Panoramic view: click it go to the next scene (more features look forward to your experience)

Detachable Front Cover

Removable front cover, you can use the "peek" feature to enhance the effect of virtual reality , you also can experience the world of “ Iron Man “or The Terminator.

Retro Tape-Door

Open the front cover , open 3D movies or virtual reality games,let the phone screen centerline aligned with the middle plate, and then close the front door, the operation is very simple and convenient.
It only open 35 degrees, no longer to worry about the phone will fall broke, there are a lower EVA pads under the cellphone.BOBOVR is escort for your phone.

Bluetooth Handle Strong Function

It owns the dolphin shape, full-direction handle for games. Confirm (Shoot), Return, Menu, General Button, most of the games are compatible, convenient and power saving. Battery can be used for 1 year.

Two Colors Opttonal(Black/White)

Whole Package List

It contains handle set, the standard one without the Bluetooth Handle.

ICP filing number: Guangdong ICP 14076917 -1

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