Piano Paint Lacquer Craftwork

80°-95°Full Range of View

Full Immersive

360°Full Screen

Large Screen Better Feeling

Change your smart phone to an elegant and customized cinema

Sink into Games

Enjoy 3D Games, can’t be more exciting

0-600 Myopia Adjust Instantly

More accurately, more comfortable

Z3 PD Adjustment

We apply Counter Gear Technology to avoid the condition of fringe.

Z3 Focus Adjustment

We can adjust the clarity by adjusting the roller, which can be operated without removing the glasses .BOBOVRZ3 Support for 0-600 myopia user. At the same time, It also can adjust right and left side separately (the deviation will be within 100°)

43 Groups of sophisticated parts
59 Processes of producing

The parts are under strict tests and the processes meet to the customers’ requirements.

Imported Glass Technology

Deformity Laser-cutting, polishing and grinding, every glass should be grinded, cored, tested, installed before coming out, which will make it become brighter and less deformity.

A Trip to "Art of Glass"

Brand-new craftwork, movies and games can be applied. The PMMA materials, laser-cutting and repeatedly 5 times of polishing are used.

Adjustable Head-wearing

It will always be a suitable size for your head!Flexible rubber, sticky paste, high-grade leather are the main materials of it.

  • Highly flexible fabric tape

  • Double-side leather

  • Various composite materials

Strictly Choose Materials
Piano Paint Lacquer Craftwork

The art of lacquer makes the brightness and density much higher

High Quality Leather

High quality leather, soft and high breathability, won’t be sick while wearing

Detachable Front Cover

Removable front cover, you can use the "peek" feature to enhance the effect of virtual reality , you also can experience the world of “ Iron Man “or The Terminator.

Compatible for Different Phone Size

It is suitable for 3.5-6 inches phone size. Width should be within 84mm, the thickness should be within 10mm

Bluetooth Handle Strong Function

It owns the dolphin shape, full-direction handle for games. Confirm (Shoot), Return, Menu, General Button, most of the games are compatible, convenient and power saving. Battery can be used for 1 year.
Two Colors Opttonal(Black/White)

Whole Package List

It contains handle set, the standard one without the Bluetooth Handle