Vision + Auditory Integrated Immersive VR Headset

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What's BOBOVR Z4 used for?

The Z4 is compatible with Android and IOS systems. Just plug in a regular smartphone and you can simulate a private movie theater. Lying at home to see IMAX 3D directly. simulate the real scene of the moon, Mars, the Forbidden City, the seaside, Jurassic Park, etc., Experience exciting games like roller coaster, live CS, and big pendulum clock.

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Full immersive 120 degree viewing angle

Japan imported optical PMMA lens, 35mm super short focal length design makes 120 degree wide view angle closer to the true perspective.

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Integrating visual and auditory systems

Without immersive audio Virtual Reality is incomplete. Although you can visually transmitted to another world, but without 3D sound, your fantasy will soon be broken. Z4 takes the lead of one-piece patented design, combined with high bass soundproof headphones, you will enter the new world immediately and forget the real environment.

Humanized one-button adjustment design

Compatible with 600 degrees myopia to 200 degrees hyperopia, vision optical adjustment. With 60-72mm distance adjustment.

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Diopter adjustment (hyperopia & myopia adjustment)

You can directly adjust the focal lengths to find the best clear point through the screen.

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Pupil Distance (ghosting,vertigo adjustment)

One-touch pulsator adjustment, even the entry level players can easily adjust the screen to prevent ghosting and reduce vertigo.

Semi-transparent heat-dissipating cover design

Semi-transparent heat-dissipating cover design, the mobile phone camera can directly shoot through the cover, the AR enhances the virtual reality function. With heat dissipation design on face, and the upper and lower ventilation design ensures that the face enhanced air convection without leakage. Avoding heat extrusion, lens fogging and facial discomfort.

Upgraded audio quality, more convinient button function

Many mainstream headphones have a large impedance, which is difficult to drive with a mobile phone, and the sound quality is greatly reduced. The Z4's earphones use PET material sheet forming technology, which can also exert good sound effects at 32 ohms low impedance. One-touch answering phone, mechanical touch screen function make it more convenient.

Ultra-light design multi-point pressure distribution scheme

Traditional VR glass + headset weight is close to 600g. The Z4 adopting an integrated ultra-thin shell design, only 410g. It's adopts multi-point pressure distribution scheme to make the body lighter. Reduce compression on the cheeks and ears for a more comfortable fit.

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Large stressed area

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Fully surrounded

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Elastic bracket

Massive resources, tour the VR world

Content has always been an indispensable part of the VR experience. BOBOVR Z4 is compatible with most VR apps.

Specialized for mobible phone Upgraded protection