BOBOVR M2 Head Strap

For Oculus Quest2 head strap,Replacement for Elite Strap
  • Product introduction
  • Installation method
  • How to wear
  • Common problem

Please refer to the video below to install:

1/ Please take off the original Quest2 strap (gently open it from the back)
2/ Put quest2 on the table with the lens facing up
3/ Take out the BOBOVR M2, align the black sliding grooves on both sides with the sound cavity on both sides of quest2, press slowly, and make sure not to press to the bottom.

There is a damping pad in the chute of M2. If it accidentally falls off during installation, please reinstall it by yourself.

In order to better adapt to everyone’s head, BOBOVR M2 has designed 5 adjustment parts (including the quest2 body), which will cause some skills to be worn for the first time.

In order to make your use more comfortable, please refer to the tips in the picture to adjust:

1 / the slider connected with the machine, keep at the end of the horn.

2 / keep the front half of M2 as close to quest2 as possible to ensure that the main pressure is on the forehead, not the face

1.Is this headband comfortable to wear?

The BOBOVR M2 headband has a perfect ergonomic design, improves your comfort and adopts a gravity-balanced distributed design, so that the gravity of the product is evenly distributed in different positions on the head, greatly reducing the pressure on the face.

2.How to install and adjust the wearing of this headband?

BOBOVR M2 strap installation and adjustment is very easy, please click on the “installation method” page to watch the installation video

3.Is this headstrap suitable for Quest1 or Quest2?

BOBOVR M2 strap is designed for Quest2, M2 strap is only suitable for Quest2

4.Is this head strap easy to break?

The strap is made of high-quality ABS+PC mixed plastic material, which has both hardness and toughness, which greatly reduces the risk of fracture

5.What head size is this headband suitable for?

This head strap is suitable for the head size of most people. The adjustable size of the head strap is min 48-max 64mm(min 18.9-max 25.2inch)

6.If I switch the normal strap to this, will I still have audio? Or do I need headphones when replacing the original strap?

The audio is inside the headset, and the output audio is also on the headset. So the new strap has no effect on the audio

7.How about connecting a headset to the side of this starp?

If your headset is fixed with a spring clip, you can fix it on the black extension part of the headstrap

8.Is this strap suitable for most hardcase of quest2?

The trunk of BOBOVR M2 needs to ensure that the height of the internal space is at least 15cm, so as to better accommodate the M2.

9.Is it possible to tie a regular powerbank to it?

There are 3 ways to fix the battery pack, including using a top soft strap to fix it on the forehead/top of the head/back of the head.
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