Voice Only One Side

Possible reasons for one-sided audio issue on A2 Air:

  • Check if the 2.5mm headphone cable is properly inserted into the corresponding jack of the left and right earphones. Verify that both earphones are in a connected state.
  • Check if the 3.5mm headphone cable on the left earphone is connected to the device, and ensure the headphone cable is undamaged.
  • If everything above is verified and the issue still persists, please provide pictures or videos of the relevant details to assist us in better resolving the problem for you.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please provide the following information:

  1. Relevant photos or videos.
  2. Order invoice containing the order number and product information.
  3. Your recipient’s name, shipping address, postal code, and phone number.

Send this information to support@bobovr.com to contact our after-sales customer service for assistance. The warranty period for products sold through our channels is 18 months. After our inspection, we will arrange a replacement within the warranty period.

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