Clattering Sound Explanation:

Please rest assured that these clattering sounds occur when the controller points to clickable areas.

On the keyboard interface, due to the numerous keys, when the controller hovers over the keys, there will be a clattering sound, which is quieter than the clicking sound when pulling the trigger. The A2 has a minimal constant hissing background noise that is barely audible.


When manually turning off the A2 and immediately turning it back on, there may be a popping sound. However, if you wait until the shutdown sound is finished before turning it back on, this sound should not occur.


When using the A2, if it is not connected to Quest 2 or if the VR device is not powered on, there may be a slight background noise.


After ensuring that all connection cables are fully plugged in, both the left and right earphones need to be placed near the ears in order to hear the audio from Quest 2. If the positioning of either earphone is not correct, it may trigger the mute function.


If the issue is not resolved, please try toggling the switch and pressing the buttons to see if there are any indication sounds.


If there are no indication sounds, please provide the following information:

  1. Order invoice containing the order number and product information.
  2. Your recipient name, shipping address, postal code, and phone number.

Send this information to to contact our after-sales customer service for assistance.

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