Ring button:

When there is no load: click is to check the power level, double click to turn off

When there is load: click to wake up the battery, output load, the ring light will be on, the indicator light will be on; double click to turn off the battery, turn off the output, the ring light is off, the indicator light is off.


Indicator Lights:

The B2 has four indicator lights. When plugging in the charger and charging cable to charge the B2, the indicator lights first blink in sequence, and then one full charge,frame jumps to the next and so on


About charging:

Please charge the battery separately when charging, do not connect it to the headstrap and charge it with the device.

Please use a quest2 charger or a charger that supports DC5V2.6A-5V3A【Do not use a charger that stops when it is full or needs to be plugged back into the load after it is full】


Indicator light if any of them don’t light up, then it’s a faulty indicator display and broken:

We apologize for the trouble our product has caused you. Please provide the following information:

  1. relevant photos
  2. order invoice with order number and product information
  3. your recipient’s name, shipping address, postal code and telephone number.

Send to to contact our after-sales customer service to help you deal with it. The warranty period for products sold through our channels is 18 months. After our inspection, we will arrange the replacement within the warranty period.

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