Abnormal Light

Fault type Phenomenon possible reason Troubleshooting method
The ring light indicator light
Not charging not bright not bright 1. Charging cable problem.

2. The B2 interface is damaged.

3. Charger problem.

Question 1-2, you can try to change the USB cable first.

Question 3, try changing the charger.

Not charging Constantly bright not bright 1. Use a damaged charging cable from the USBA port to the Type-C port.

2. The internal temperature is too high.

3. The internal temperature sensor is faulty.

1. If it is a USBA port charging cable, it may be a problem with the charging cable. Replace the charging cable. You can use the original wiring of B2, D2, quest 2, etc. to charge.

2. Unplug the USB, wait for half an hour and then try to charge. If the plug-in problem is not resolved, it means that there is an internal failure of B2.

Not charging Constantly bright Four lights flashing at the same time 1. The charger voltage is too high.

2. The internal temperature of the battery is too high.

3. Internal sensor failure.

Try changing the charger.Do not connect the charger for a long time until the fault is resolved.
Not charging flashing Lowest battery light blinks 1. The power cord of the battery pack has fallen off.

2. The battery pack is damaged.

B2 internal malfunction.

Please follow the troubleshooting steps provided above. If you confirm the issue, please provide the following information:

  1. Video of the B2 charging phenomenon
  2. Order invoice with order number and product information.
  3. Your recipient’s name, shipping address, postal code, and phone number.
Send this information to support@bobovr.com email address to contact our after-sales customer service for assistance. The warranty period for products sold through our channels is 18 months. After our inspection, we will arrange a replacement within the warranty period.
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