Reduced Battery Life

Battery life of B2:

  • The battery life of B2 may vary depending on different devices.
  • The battery life of B2 may also vary depending on different usage scenarios of the same device.
  • In terms of using B2 with Quest 2 when its own battery is fully charged, our B2 battery can provide twice the battery life compared to Quest 2 alone.


Detailed explanation and calculation formulas:

  1. “mAh” is the unit of battery capacity, which stands for milliampere-hour (when measuring large-capacity batteries like lead-acid batteries, “Ah” is commonly used for convenience, which stands for ampere-hour). 1 milliampere (mA) = 0.001 ampere (A) * 3600 seconds = 3.6 ampere-seconds = 3.6 coulombs.
  2. The power calculation formula is P = U * I. The unit of power (P) is watt (W). In a purely resistive circuit, using Ohm’s law, substituting U = IR into P = UI, we get p =l*IR =(u*u)/r.
  3. To understand battery life, it is necessary to first obtain the current of the electrical device.
  4. Available time = Battery rated capacity / Current of the electrical device.


For example:
A 3000mAh battery with a rated voltage of 5V is supplying power to a device that consumes 2.5W and operates at 5V. The theoretical usage time is calculated as follows:
I = P/U = 2.5W / 5V = 0.5A = 500mA
The battery has a capacity of 3000mAh, which means it can discharge at a current of 3000mA for one hour.
3000mAh divided by 500mA gives us 6 hours of usage time.


If there is a significant decrease in battery life, please provide the following information:

  1. Describe the issue or problem phenomenon.
  2. Provide product photos.
  3. Include the order number and product information from the order invoice.
  4. Provide your recipient’s name, shipping address, postal code, and phone number.

Send this information to the email address to contact our customer service for assistance. The warranty period for products sold through our channels is 18 months. After we examine the issue, we will arrange a replacement within the warranty period.

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