Compatible with Quest 2,Elite Strap for Enhanced Support and Lightweight Design,Replaceable Honeycomb Anti-skid Pad

STRAPM1 Plus With Battery

Compatible with Meta Quest 2,Elite Strap for Enhanced Support and 5200mah Hot-swappable Battery Pack Design


Compatible with Meta Quest 2 ,Enhanced Comfort and Reduce Facial Stress,VR Accessories

STRAPM2 Plus Twin Battery Combo

Compatible with Quest 2,Worry-Free Power Supply System,Dual Battery Pack + Magnetic Charging Dock


Compatible with Quest2
Magnetic Double Earmuff Design


Stylish and practical Quest2 storage bag, the internal space can be compatible with most strap size

CHARGING DOCKTwin Charger Station

B2 Battery Pack,Ultra-Thin Design, Magnetically Supply Power to 2 B2 Battery Packs at The Same Time


Compatible with Oculus/Meta Quest2, Soft PU Face Cover/Pad, Active Air Circulation Micro-Fan Ventilation to Reduce Lens Fogging主图-scaled.jpg?fit=640%2C640&ssl=1

UPGRADE COMBOP4 Twin Battery Upgrade Combo

Compatible with Pico4 Accessories, Recirculating Power Supply System,Dual Battery Pack + Magnetic Charging Dock

BATTERY DOCKB2 Dock Battery Pack

Compatible with Quest 2,Hot-swap Magnetic Connection Replaced,5200mah,Compatible Elite Strap

BATTERY DOCKBattery Dock Upgrade Kit

For M1/M2 Plus,Quickly Convert M1/M2 Plus Strap Regular Version to Battery Version


M2 Pro Replacement Spare Battery 5200mAh, Increase Quest2 About 3 hrs time, Magnetic Connections


High-end quality and medium price
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BOBOVR Since 2014, we have been focusing on the VR field. From R&D, design and production to sales and service. We have some excellent VR products, we will launch more surprise products Please continue to follow us.


Our Great Clients

I have fitted and tested the headset in many different positions. It is well made and sturdy but flexible. It can be attached at many different angles from the front and rear tried many variations all extremely comfortable and well supported. I can’t find a fault with it at all. Even with shipping from the US it’s cheaper than an a Elite strap in the UK, well worth the money.

Reviewed in the UKMr M A COHEN

This is simply the most comfortable of all the Quest 2 straps out there, I have tried the regular strap and the Elite official one, I also tried the Orzero Adjustable and even though this last one was by no means bad, it can never compare with this BOBOVR M2.This thing also screams quality when you open the box, it was the easiest to adjust of them all. It is very light weight, and it takes away all the pressure from your face. I could play on it for hours and hours.

Reviewed in the USEli

Replacing the chintzy stock head strap with the BoboVR was like replacing the weight of an anvil with a soft fluffy pillow. Gone is the extreme pressure on my cheekbones, the primary reason I can’t keep a headset on for very long. These guys have designed a strap that stays firmly on your head yet barely floats in front of your face. I like that the color and texture replicates and compliments the Q2 to where it looks OEM. This seems to be the hot head strap, get one while you can and start feeling the difference. Highly recommended.

Reviewed in the USSonicseer


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