How To Install

How to remove the P4 official back part of the head pad

  • Remove the official face interface on PICO4;
  • According to the picture, carefully remove the official top soft strap on PICO4;
  •  According to the illustration, use a crowbar to carefully pry open the connection gap between the back pad of PICO4 and the back bracket, and remove the back pad of PICO4.


How to install Battery Strap Upgrade part

  • Align the back of the head support with the L and R buckle point of the battery dock part, and install it in place;
  • Align the battery dock part of the upgrade kit with the buckle position of the PICO4 rear bracket, and install and fix it on the PICO4;
  • Install the metal pull ring to the top of PICO4, and then fix the top strap connection to the metal pull ring and the back of the head support part.
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