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Quest2 AccessoriesBOBOVR A2 Air VR Headphones – Compatible with Quest2, Magnetic Double Earmuff Design


$ 49.99

[Compatible with all kinds of Straps] It can be directly installed on most brands of Quest2 Straps (including but not limited to BOBOVR Straps, official Straps and mainstream third-party Straps, etc.). Get the audio source from the Quest2 audio port, without occupying the USB-C interface, and without batteries, you can get full sound quality.

[High-quality sound unit] 32Ω/30mW×2PCS TPU double-composite titanium film, NdFeB strong magnetic speaker can provide a frequency response range of 20-20000Hz, which has a more complete, balanced and high-quality sound quality than the built-in speaker.

[Replaceable earmuffs design] Equipped with a pair of over-ear sports small earmuffs and a pair of over-ear comfortable large earmuffs, suitable for intense sports or watching movies. The earmuffs are supported by high-quality protein leather and memory foam, which are soft, breathable, and fit, which can effectively improve the sound insulation of the earphones and allow you to achieve a more immersive VR experience.

[Flexible swivel arm] The swivel arm can be rotated by 65°, and the earphone part has a 2cm up and down adjustment and a 15° tilt adjustment, making it more convenient to wear and adjust. During gaming, if you want to relax your ears or take a call, you can swivel the earcups over your ears without removing the entire VR rig.

[Easy to Install] Just a few simple steps, it can be installed and used. At the same time, we provide up to 18 months of after-sales protection, so that you can use it worry-free.

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