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Quest2 AccessoriesBOBOVR C2 Carrying Case – Compatible with Quest 2 Elite Strap and BOBOVR M2 pro,Hard Large Space

SKU: bobovr-c2-1

$ 49.99

  • The C2 carrying case specially designed Compatible with Quest2 and BOBOVR M2 has high compatibility and large storage space. As long as the height of the headband is less than 15cm (6 inches), you can put it in. Compatible with official Elite headbands and various types of straps (but currently does not support DAS straps)
  • It adopts a concise design language, consistent with the original style to the greatest extent, taking into account both the appearance design and practical functions.
  • The surface of the Case is made of beautiful textured fabric materials, and uses 6.5mm thick EVA material, with a pebble shape, which is resistant to fall, impact, dust and splash, and better protects your beloved Quest2
  • The inside of the case is reasonably divided into multiple areas, which can accommodate the Quest2 host and controller equipped with a big head strap, and is equipped with a storage bag, which can be loaded into the data cable/charging head, etc.
  • The C2 carrying case External dimensions : 380mmX242mmX160mm / 15 in X9.5 inX6.3 in

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Additional information

Weight 1.48 oz
Dimensions 14.96 × 10.24 × 6.3 in


Item model number


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Date First Available

September 11, 2021

Form Factor

Goose warm stone shape

Will the box have a strong smell?

The box may have a slight smell, which may be attached to the printing of the box, which generally disappears after exposing the box to the outside for a period of time.

Will this fit the bobovr m2 pro?

Yes, it is not only suitable for BOBOVR M2 PRO, but also suitable for most BOBOVR headsets. Usually, as long as it is a retractable headset and the head can be perfectly placed in the box, the entire headset can be perfectly placed into the box. out of the box.

Is this a hard shell case?

Yes, but placing heavy objects on it is not recommended as it will still bend.

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