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Quest2 AccessoriesBOBOVR M1 Plus Head Strap,Compatible with Quest 2,Elite Strap for Enhanced Support and Lightweight Design,Replaceable Honeycomb Anti-skid Pad

SKU: bobovr-m1-plus-0

$ 39.99

  • New Upgrade:BOBOVR has newly released the M1 PLUS head strap compatible with Quest 2. On the basis of the original M1 strap, we optimize the way of fixing the back of the head through flexible support desgin, and provide an expansion interface. Improves a more comfortable wearing experience
  • Lightweight and durable:The entire head strap is only 187g, which is lighter than most of the same type of straps on the market. The side straps are made of an upgraded polymer material, which is extremely tough and strong. The newly upgraded plus strap flexible support on the back of the head is larger than the official strap back support, which can adapt to the stability and comfort of various head sizes;
  • Easier to Wear:The rear part of the head strap supports a 120° upward flip, this design is very convenient for you to put on or take off the head strap, and is very suitable for users who wear glasses;
  • Dual pads, Dual experience:M1 PLUS strap comes with a set of extra honeycomb silicone pads for you to replace. The honeycomb pads can be directly interchanged with the original PU leather pads. Both pads have their own characteristics. You can choose the most suitable head pad according to different usage scenarios, making you more handy in the game
  • Support expansion and Upgrade, M1 PLUS strap with battery expansion port, it is convenient for users to use BOBOVR’s new Battery Dock accessory to upgrade to a battery strap version, and realize unlimited power through the alternate use of 2 B2 battery packs, so as to avoid unnecessary Necessary waste. (M1 PLUS strap does not include B2 battery pack and Battery Dock, which need to be purchased separately.)

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High-quality materials
The head strap is made of polymer composite material, which has extremely high toughness and sturdiness.
Adjustment is easier
More professional gear adjustment, with non-slip design, easier to grasp and operate adjustment.
Compatible with all kinds of people
The head strap has an inner diameter adjustment range of 18.5-29.5 inches, and with a soft PU leather pad, you can make multi-node adjustments to suit your personal comfort.
Compatible with various head phones
The BOBOVR head strap is compatible with most over-ear headphones and in-ear headphones on the market.

Additional information

Product model

M1 Plus

Applicable head circumference


Product min size

190 x 148 x 105mm

Dead weight


Texture of material

ABS + PC mixed plastic material

Adjustment method

Manual multi-point adjustment

Which regions does the product support for purchase?

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After payment, when will I receive it?

We usually ship from Amazon regional warehouses the day after we receive the order. According to past experience, the goods will arrive in your area in about 3 days.
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Can M1 PLUS Head Strap be upgraded to Head Strap with battery pack?

Yes. BOBOVR’s newly launched PLUS series head strap has a dedicated battery pack kit expansion port, which can be transformed and upgraded into a head strap that supports battery packs by purchasing BOBOVR battery dock kit.

BOBOVR Battery Dock Kit

What head size is this headband suitable for?

This head strap is suitable for the head size of most people. The adjustable size of the head strap is min 18.5-max 29.5inch

Is this headstrap suitable for Quest1 or Quest2?

BOBOVR M1 Plus is designed for Quest2, M1 Plus is only suitable for Quest2

For more information, please contact us : support@bobovr.com