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Quest2 AccessoriesBOBOVR M1 Pro Elite Strap Compatible with Quest 2 Non-Slip Honeycomb Structure Magnetic Heat Replacement Battery Pack Design 5200mAh

$ 43.99

  • The M2 Pro’s magnetic, heat-changing battery design allows you to change the battery at any time so that the Quest2 continues
  • The surrounding design can reduce shocks more effectively during exercise, and the rotating shaft design increases comfort
  • The insert on the back of the M1 Pro is made from an innovative polymer material with a honeycomb structure that is skin-friendly and soft, which in turn reduces the stiff feel and slipping
  • The 5200 mAh hot swap battery can fully charge the Quest2 once, which doubles the battery life and an approx. 2-3 hours longer battery life under different game scenarios
  • A single battery weighs just 140 g, which reduces the total weight of the head and makes the use more comfortable and balanced

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