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Quest2 AccessoriesBOBOVR D2 Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2 and B2 Battery Packs,Oculus Certified Charging Station Stand Set,Magnetic Charging Interface,Automatic Adsorption Charging

$ 39.99

    (This item is shipped by international express and it is estimated to take 2 weeks)

  • Minimalist and thin design, does not occupy desktop space, can simultaneously charge Quest2 and BOBOVR B2 battery packs magnetically
  • For the specially designed magnetic adapter for the battery strap, when D2 charges the Quest2 through the magnetic connector, there is no need to unplug the battery headband.
  • Using chip control, the device will automatically power off when it is full, and there is no need to worry about charging for a long time, and the maximum charging power can reach 15W
  • Multiple safety and redundancy design, dual-channel backup interface design, full indicator light will automatically turn off and power off (Quest2 may continue to charge during sleep update)
  • Note: 1/ Please do not connect to the PC through the expansion port when charging; 2/ Charging Quest2 and B2 at the same time may extend the charging time.

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We usually ship via DHL the day after receiving the order. Based on past experience, the goods will arrive in most parts of the United States in about 2 weeks. Except products with special notes on the product details page.

Why can’t I buy it outside of the United States?

The sales system of our official website is still under construction. At present, we can only provide M2 and M2pro American delivery services. We hope to provide the best shopping experience for the world in the next few months.I believe the price you see corresponds to the price of the original version of M2, please check.

For more information, please contact us : support@bobovr.com


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