BOBOVR M2 Plus Head Strap,Compatible With Meta Quest 2 ,Enhanced Comfort And Reduce Facial Stress,VR Accessories(M2 Upgrade)


  • New Upgrade: BOBOVR has newly released the M2 PLUS head strap compatible with Quest 2. On the basis of the original M2 strap, we optimize the way of fixing the back of the head through flexible support desgin, and provide an expansion interface. Improves a more comfortable wearing experience
  • Multi-point adjustment:to adapt to different head size, M2 plus provides up to 6 different adjustment points, everyone can adjust it individuation until you feel the most comfortable state
  • Balance and reduce facial pressure for comfort:The distributed gravity balance design is adopted, so that the gravity of the product is evenly distributed in different positions of the head, greatly reducing the pressure on the face
  • Dual Pads, Dual Experience: M2 Plus strap comes with a set of extra honeycomb silicone pads for you to replace. The honeycomb pads can be directly interchanged with the original PU leather pads. Both pads have their own characteristics. You can choose the most suitable head pad according to different usage scenarios, making you more handy in the game
  • Support expansion and Upgrade:M2 PLUS strap with battery expansion port, it is convenient for users to use BOBOVR’s new Battery Dock accessory to upgrade to a battery strap version, and realize unlimited power through the alternate use of 2 B2 battery packs, so as to avoid unnecessary Necessary waste. (M2 PLUS strap does not include B2 battery pack and Battery Dock, which need to be purchased separately.)

(PS: The following direct-sale stores have already put this product on the shelves, welcome to buy)

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