BOBOVR Product Testing Application

Test Officer Program

If you are an experienced VR user, like to study VR accessories, and need a comfortable VR accessory.We look forward to you becoming the experience officer of BOBOVR brand and sharing your most real experience.

Active Process

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Fill out the application form and submit
Review Application
Filter information by brand side
Agreed Test Product
One-to-one product selection
Complete Test
Complete the test report after receiving the product

Activity Rules

1. The reviewer needs to have been on a certain platform for more than half a year, and at the same time continue to operate and update creations, and must have a certain influence, such as: Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
– At least 10K followers on Tik Tok
– At least 5K YouTube/Instagram fans
2. The field of the reviewer must match the type of BOBOVR brand, and must be an expert in video games, VR, technology, 3C and other fields;
3. The reviewer needs to have a certain understanding of VR equipment, and has used one or more of the following VR glasses: QUEST2, PICO4, PSVR, etc.
4. Evaluators need to be good at evaluation and speech, be able to give evaluations of various products truthfully, and refuse to adulterate or distort the facts.

Submit Application

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Evaluation Requirements

1. Real social media accounts;
2. False propaganda is prohibited in the evaluation report. Please report with a sincere and practical attitude. The brand side will not interfere with the reviewer’s evaluation report on the product’s authenticity. Just like our brand purpose, we must adhere to the business ethics standards and cooperate with Consumers maintain transparent communication, serving customer satisfaction and loyalty;
3. The final evaluation report of the evaluation officer must be presented in the form of a video, and finally released on the relevant media. The evaluation work must display the logo of the brand (no other brand logo);
4. After the final evaluation report is released, it needs to be submitted back to the brand side for registration and statistics. Excellent evaluation officers have the opportunity to receive priority evaluation opportunities for new products;