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Product Introduction

The BOBOVR A2 audio solution is compatible with most of the QUEST2 Elite and Halo headbands on the market. It has 4 built-in sound modes, and you can choose the mode you like to use according to your listening. It is also equipped with a pair of magnetic on-ear sports earmuffs and a pair of Magnetic over-ear comfort ear cups are available for replacement, and the ear cups are wrapped in soft, skin-friendly premium leather. BOBOVR A2 greatly improves the sound quality of QUEST2, making your VR immersive experience even better.

Product Structure


Product Parameters

  • Arms 205*63*38mm
  • Magnetic over-ear comfort earmuffs Φ90mm*17mm
  • Magnetic on-ear Sports earmuffs Φ63mm*14.5mm
  • Left arms 93g
  • Right arms 85g
  • Magnetic over-ear comfort earmuffs 29.5g
  • Magnetic on-ear sports earmuffs 10.9g
Sound effect mode
  • Standard, Bass, Cinema, Gaming
Audio input
  • 3.5mm Audio input
  • 32Q/30mWx2PCS TPU Double composite titanium film.Rubidium iron boron strong magnetic
Frequency response range
  • 20-20000Hz
Sound pressure level
  • 130dB+3dB @1.0KHz
Power input
  • DC 5.0+0.3V 300 mA; USB-C port
Built-in battery
  • Lithium polymer battery,3.7V ,300 mA/H
Time of endurance
  • About 9 hours
Working current
  • Max 126 mA(1KHz OdB,Sinusoidal audio)

Product Installation

Usage Guide

Product Installation


1. Install and fix the A2 jaws on the QUEST2 head strap slowly from the front to the rear;

2. Use the audio cable to connect the left and right earphones;

3. Insert the audio input plug on the left claw into the audio output port of QUEST2;

4. Turn on the power switch of A2 to start using it;


A2 is compatible with different types of straps, you can use differentpads to adjust the tightness of A2 installed on the strap.

Replace Earmuffs


BOBOVR A2 Audio Solutions is equipped with a pair of Magnetic on-ear sports earmuffs and a pair of Magnetic over-ear comfort earmuffs. The earmuffs are wrapped in soft and skin-friendly premium leather, and are fixed with magnetic suction. You can switch them easily according to your needs use.

Switch Sound


BOBOVR A2 Audio solutions has 4 sound effects modes : Standard,Bass,Cinema,Gaming. You can choose the mode you like to use according to your listening.

You can tum the arm to make the earphones emporary mute

Tips : When you use A2 without power, if you need emergency charging, you can directly use the power supply of the BOBOVR battery strap for power supply, or you can directly use the USBC cable to connect to the QUEST2 power interface to get power.



After Sale

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Failure to follow the safety instructions below when using the battery pack may result in fire, electric shock, damage or other injury!
  • Please use a charger that has safety certification and supports DC 5V2A or 5V3A for charging. It is strictly forbidden to charge with a charger that does not support DC 5V;
  • Do not throw the product into fire or water, and do not expose it to sunlight or water;
  • It is forbidden to disassemble, hit hard, or drop the product without authorization;
  • When not in use for a long time, please charge the battery to more than 60%, store it in a dry environment at room temperature, and charge the battery pack every 5 months;
  • Please do not wash or clean this product with chemicals;
  • Discontinue use immediately if you notice leaks, odors, or smoke;
  • The battery pack can only use approved adapters, do not connect incompatible adapters;
  • Keep out of reach of children;

A2 Headphones Questions and Answers

Q : How to get a clearer effect ?
Since the VR lens will magnify the pixels, scratches and dust spots on the screen of the mobile phone, the following unclear phenomena can be solved accordingly :
1/ Screen graininess is obvious : If the pixel density of the mobile phone screen is lower than 500PPI, the graininess will be more obvious. Screen Pixel Density Calculator
2/ Rhombus or rectangular grid : This is the grid line of the touch screen channel. Low-end mobile phones and non-original touch screens have poor anti-shadowing process, and it will be more obvious by zooming in or viewing from a certain angle.
3/ Partially irregular lines and spots : scratches, dust, etc. on the touch screen after magnification.
4/ Color spot : It is mainly the light refraction problem caused by the uneven thickness of the mobile phone protective film and the internal stress of the material.
5/ Hazy and unclear : For myopia 400 to hyperopia 200, please adjust the vision knob. If it exceeds, please wear glasses and adjust your vision. Please clean the lenses before use.
6/ Video quality is low : please give priority to high-definition video apps, or download high-definition movie resources.
Recommendations for use : Use a mobile phone with a resolution of 2560*1440 or above and a screen size of about 5.5 inches. Clean the screen of the mobile phone before using it. It is not recommended to use a mobile phone film.

Q : How to avoid ghosting ?
Make sure that the screen size of the mobile phone is within the specified range of Xiaozhai Z6 :
1/ Screen size: 4.7-6.3 inches (non-full screen/normal screen)
2/ Screen size: 4.7-6.5 inches (full screen) (refer to the length and width dimensions below)
3/ Mobile phone size: within 165x83mm
The mobile phone is not leveled, resulting in ghosting : The bottom of the mobile phone is not level with the Z6 bracket after the horizontal screen, causing one end to be high and the other low, please adjust the width of the bracket to a suitable position and lower both ends of the phone, tilting will cause ghosting .

Correct : Horizontal Centered

Ghosting caused by wrong application software settings : In most VR software settings, you can choose the glasses model, please choose “Xiaozhai Z6” or “Xiaozhai VR”, if you can’t find the APP of the above model, you can choose “cardboard 2”.
The wrong DPI parameters of the mobile phone obtained by the software lead to ghosting : Some Android mobile phones have parameters such as screen size and DPI that are inconsistent with the actual parameters, which will cause the application to obtain information such as screen size and DPI that are inconsistent with the real object, resulting in ghosting. For this kind of problem, please download “Orange VR” and solve it in “My → Settings → System Settings → Screen Settings → Select the Correct Screen Size”.
Remarks : Priority is given to the APP that supports the glasses model selection function, which can better ensure the viewing effect.

Q : How to solve the problem of myopia in the eyes ?
1/ Xiaozhai VR glasses support the use of myopia. If it is mild myopia, take off the glasses and adjust the distance and distance knob to make the picture achieve the best effect.
2/ If you are severely short-sighted or have astigmatism, it is recommended to wear glasses and use VR to watch movies, the effect will be better.

Q : How to convert ordinary movie video to vr format ?
If it is an ordinary video or a video in other formats such as upper and lower, you need to download it to the local phone first, open the local video through the VR APP and convert it into the left and right dual-screen format, then you can open the video and click the format in the lower right corner to select the split screen. Put in VR glasses to watch.

Q : What should I do if I feel dizzy during use ?
1/ Dizziness depends on the individual’s physique and requires a process of adaptation. It is not recommended to use it for a long time. It is recommended to use a mobile phone with a resolution of 1080p or higher, and select content above HD.
2/ The main reason for dizziness during use is that the pupil distance and focal length are not adjusted properly. When using VR glasses, you can adjust the blur by rotating the focal length knob. During the adjustment process, there is a blurring to clear process. When you just adjust to a comfortable area for clear eyes, you can stop the adjustment and use it. If you continue to adjust, although the picture is still clear, if the mobile phone screen is too close to the eyes, the eyes will stare at the screen, and it will be easy to cause eyesight after a long time. Dizziness.

Q : How to perform gaze point manipulation through VR glasses ?
1/ VR apps generally support the gaze point head control function, which can be operated through head rotation control.
2/ Gaze point operation : There is a dot in the middle of the field of vision. If this point stays on the icon for a second, the icon will be clicked automatically.

Q : How to connect headphones ?
Bluetooth Wireless Connection
1/ Press the power button on the Z6 to turn it on, and the blue indicator flashes, indicating that it is in the state of being connected.
2/ Turn on Bluetooth in the phone settings and search for Bluetooth audio devices.
3/ Professional version : XZ-Z6****, the indicator light turns solid green after the connection is successful.
4/ Wireless version : XZ-Z6, after the connection is successful, the indicator will turn blue and always on.
Wired Connection
1/ Professional version : When singing karaoke, you need to connect to bluetooth first, and then connect to the 3.5mm headphone cable; when watching movies, only connect to bluetooth.
2/ Wireless version : Wired connection is not supported, just use wireless connection, the karaoke experience is not as good as the professional version.
Bluetooth Not Connecting
1/ First check whether the Z6 is in a flashing blue light state. If it is not, it means that it has been connected to other devices, you can long press the volume + forcibly disconnect, and then reconnect.
2/ Check whether the Bluetooth device selected from the mobile phone is correct, there will be two devices in the professional version on the Android mobile phone, please do not connect the device whose last letter is BLE.
3/ Some mobile phone Bluetooth refresh problems need to be switched on again to search or connect.

Q : How to wear comfortably ?
After the phone is installed, follow the steps below to achieve a more comfortable effect :
1/ Loosen the headband on top of your head, or turn it up first.
2/ Then turn the connecting ring of the horizontal headband first, so that the horizontal strap is in the lower position of the back of the head, and adjust it so that there is no obvious backward pressure on the face.
3/ Then shrink the headband on the top of the head so that the body does not overwhelm the nose.
Notice :
1/ Be sure to first adjust the horizontal headband to the back of the head, and then adjust the overhead headband.
2/ If the head strap is too short, it will cause the lateral head strap to slip upward and make it easier to wear unstably.
3/ If you don’t care about the light leakage of the nose bridge, you can remove the nose bridge soft glue.

Product After Sale

If it is within the warranty period and under the condition of correct use,please go to the following channels to apply for maintenance:

When repairing, please provide the purchase certificate or waranty card in order to obtain the corresponding warranty service;

If the product is disassembled by itself or by a third-party maintenanc eorganization not authorized by BOBOVR, there is no warranty;

The responsibility of this product is limited to repairing or replacing this product a tits own discretion;

Items not warranted are consumables with limited service life,such as batteries and other accessories;

The company is not responsible for any incidental or conseuential damag ecaused by improper use oimisoperation;

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