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Product Introduction

BOBOVR P4 Upgrade Combo is an upgrade kit developed for PICO4. It upgrades PICO4 to an elite headband that supports BOBOVR magnetic charging device. After the upgrade, you can directly use the B2 battery pack for magnetic hot-swappable charging to increase the battery life of PICO4. At the same time, the new back of the head part and the top headband can improve user comfort. It is the perfect upgrade package for PICO4.

Comfort Kit


Top PU Leather Soft Strap

Flexible Support For The Back Of The Head

PU Leather Foam Pads

Honeycomb Silicone Pads

You can choose the most suitable pad according to different application scenarios, so that you can use Quest 2 more easily.

Worry-free Power Supply Kit

If you have purchased a Twin Charger Station.


2 Batteries Take Turns To Supply Power

Convenient Twin Charger Dock

Magnetic Hot Swap

Multiple Charging Protection

BOBOVR Twin Charging station is a convenient charging stand specially designed for BOBOVR B2 battery pack. The ultra-thin design does not take up space on the desktop, and it can charge two B2 battery packs at the same time through the magnetic heat-absorbing plug-in.

After the battery is fully charged, the device chip will automatically turn on the control protection, so there is no need to worry about long-term charging damage.

Product Structure


Product Parameters

Power input/output
  • 5V=2.6A
Package size
  • 170*125*65mm
Package weight
  • 160g
Battery capacity
  • 3.7V=5200mAh,19.24W
Rated capacity
  • 5V=1.5A,3200mA
Battery type
  • Lithium battery
Battery size
  • 85*47*32mm
0-100% charging time
  • About 3hours

Headrest removal

Product Installation

Video Tutorials

Headrest Removal


1. Remove the official face interface on PICO4;

2. According to the picture, carefully remove the official top soft strap on PICO4;

3. According to the illustration, use a crowbar to carefully pry open the connection gap between the back pad of PICO4 and the back bracket, and remove the back pad of PICO4.

Product Installation


1. Align the back of the head support with the L and R buckle point of the battery dock partand install it in place;

2. Align the battery dock part of the upgrade kit with the buckle position of the PICO4 rear bracket, and install and fix it on the PICO4;
3. Install the metal pull ring to the top of PICO4, and then fix the top strap connection to the metal pull ring and the back of the head support part.



After Sale

Feedback Online

Failure to follow the safety instructions below when using the battery pack may result in fire, electric shock, damage or other injury!
  • Please use a charger that has safety certification and supports DC 5V2A or 5V3A for charging. It is strictly forbidden to charge with a charger that does not support DC 5V;
  • Do not throw the product into fire or water, and do not expose it to sunlight or water;
  • It is forbidden to disassemble, hit hard, or drop the product without authorization;
  • When not in use for a long time, please charge the battery to more than 60%, store it in a dry environment at room temperature, and charge the battery pack every 5 months;
  • Please do not wash or clean this product with chemicals;
  • Discontinue use immediately if you notice leaks, odors, or smoke;
  • The battery pack can only use approved adapters, do not connect incompatible adapters;
  • Keep out of reach of children;
  • Using the external charging cable to charge the B2 battery pack is in progress, please do not connect PICO4 to supply power.

Questions and Answers

Which products are P4 suitable for?
P4 is a customized product exclusively for PICO4, and currently only supports.

Will there be a B2 battery pack?
The standard configuration of the P4 is to have a B2 battery pack. The product has 2 kit versions, the P4-1 version only has 1 B2 battery pack, and the P4-2 version has 2 B2 battery packs.

How long can each B2 battery pack provide for PICO4?
Each B2 battery pack has a capacity of 5200mAh, which can increase the battery life of PICO4 by more than 60%. The specific usage time depends on the software and power of PICO4 you use.

Product After Sale

If it is within the warranty period and under the condition of correct use,please go to the following channels to apply for maintenance:

When repairing, please provide the purchase certificate or waranty card in order to obtain the corresponding warranty service;

If the product is disassembled by itself or by a third-party maintenanc eorganization not authorized by BOBOVR, there is no warranty;

The responsibility of this product is limited to repairing or replacing this product a tits own discretion;

Items not warranted are consumables with limited service life,such as batteries and other accessories;

The company is not responsible for any incidental or conseuential damag ecaused by improper use oimisoperation;

Feedback Online

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