BOBOVR B2 Battery Pack

M2 Pro Replacement Spare Battery 5200mAh, Increase Quest2 About 3 hrs time, Magnetic Connections
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Do not connect the QUEST2 for power supply while the battery is charging.
  • Please use a charger that has safety certification and supports DC 5V2A or 5V3Afor charging. It is strictly forbidden to charge with a charger that does not support DC 5V;
  • Do not throw the product into fire or water, and do not expose it to sunlight orwater;
  • It is forbidden to disassemble, hit hard, or drop the product without authorization;
  • When not in use for a long time, please charge the battery to more than 60%, store it in a dry environment at room temperature, and charge the battery pack every 5 months;
  • Please do not wash or clean this product with chemicals;
  • Discontinue use immediately if you notice leaks, odors, or smoke;
  • The battery pack can only use approved adapters, do not connect incompatible adapters;
  • Keep out of reach of children;

This can only be used with products corresponding to BOBOVR, and it needs to be equipped with a special charging base, which can be directly placed on the base when using.

1/ Can this battery pack be used with M2 Pro and M1 Pro products?

Answer: Yes, the default package of the M2 Pro and M1 Pro includes a strap and battery pack, this product can be used as a spare battery pack.

2/ Can the battery be used as a power bank?

Answer: Yes, the battery is a power bank.

3/ How do I turn off the light on the battery?

Answer: Press the button twice and it will turn the pack off.

4/ Is this a spare battery for the m2 pro?

Answer: Yes ! You will be glad you ordered a spare when you learn how smart of a battery it is and how it was designed with the over all health of your quest unit in mind.

5/ Can this adapt to the M2 strap or only to the pro?

Answer: This is only for the pro strap. It has magnets that attach it to the strap. The M2 doesn’t have the magnets that power the battery.

6/ When the B2 battery pack is connected to the Quest2, can I recharge the B2 battery pack through an external charger?

Answer: Sorry, this is prohibited behavior. When the B2 battery pack is low, please disconnect the B2 battery pack from the Quest2, and then use an external charger to charge the B2 battery pack independently.

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