BOBOVR D2 Charging Dock

For Oculus Quest 2 and B2 Battery Packs,Oculus Certified Charging Station Stand Set,Magnetic Charging Interface,Automatic Adsorption Charging
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  • Installation method
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  • Minimalist and thin design, does not occupy desktop space, can simultaneously charge Quest2 and BOBOVR B2 battery packs magnetically
  • For the specially designed magnetic adapter for the battery strap, when D2 charges the Quest2 through the magnetic connector, there is no need to unplug the battery headband.
  • Using chip control, the device will automatically power off when it is full, and there is no need to worry about charging for a long time, and the maximum charging power can reach 15W
  • Multiple safety and redundancy design, dual-channel backup interface design, full indicator light will automatically turn off and power off (Quest2 may continue to charge during sleep update)
  • Note: 1/ Please do not connect to the PC through the expansion port when charging; 2/ Charging Quest2 and B2 at the same time may extend the charging time.
BOBOVR D2 Charging Dock
BOBOVR D2 Charging Dock
BOBOVR D2 Charging Dock
BOBOVR D2 charging stand
BOBOVR D2 charging stand Magnetic head

This can only be used with the products corresponding to BOBOVR. When using, directly place the product according to the position of the magnet to achieve the charging effect.

1/ Can this Charging Dock be used with M2 Pro products?

Answer: Yes, the default package of the M2 Pro includes a carrying strap and battery, the M2 Pro can be placed directly on the charging dock for charging.

2/ You have to remove the M2 Pro's strap from the headset to use the base, right?

Answer: No, you can just place the QUEST2 with the head strap on it to charge it.

3/ When the B2 battery pack is connected to the Quest2, can I recharge the B2 battery pack through an external charger?

Answer: Sorry, this is prohibited behavior. When the B2 battery pack is low, please disconnect the B2 battery pack from the Quest2, and then use an external charger to charge the B2 battery pack independently.

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