BOBOVR C2 for Oculus Quest2 Case

For Oculus Quest2 Case
  • Product introduction
  • Installation method
  • Q&A

What size of quest2 strap can C2 load?

Bobovr C2 has a large internal space. We tested the mainstream straps that can be bought in the market. Except that Das strap is not compatible, others can be put in. You can buy it with confidence. Of course, bobovr M2 strap is the best partner.

What is the weight of C2?

C2 uses thick EVA as a support material, which is stronger than most storage bags on the market, weighs about 620g, and can be easily moved with one hand.

Is BOBOVR C2 waterproof? Can I protect my Quest2 on rainy days?

C2 uses waterproof material, including the zipper is also waterproof design, it can withstand the rain for a short time in rainy days, but we normally do not recommend you to do this, the surface fabric material is easy to be damp and affect the appearance.

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