BOBOVR F2 Active Air Circulation Facial Interface

For Oculus Quest2 Face cover
  • Product introduction
  • Installation method
  • Q&A

  • Please refer to the video below to install:
  1. Remove the original facial interface
  2. Install the face interface part of F2
  3. Install F2 air circulation fan part
  • Use
  1. Toggle the switch to Ⅰ to turn on the low wind speed mode
  2. Toggle the switch to Ⅱ to turn on the high wind speed mode
  3. Toggle the switch to ⚪, Turn off the F2 power
  • Charge
  1. In the special case of F2 lack of power, you can use the charging cable in the accessories to get power from the opened quest2
  2. Under normal circumstances, the original quest2 charging cable can be used to charge F2
What models are currently compatible with F2?

BOBOVR F2 is a ventilation mask specially designed for Quest2. It does not support other devices for the time being. We will consider whether to develop other models based on market demand. If you have any needs, please contact us

What is the battery life of F2?

F2 is equipped with a sophisticated micro-turbine fan. The ultra-low power consumption can make the battery life up to 5 hours. If you forget to charge, you can also use the included emergency charging cable to directly supply power from the type-c interface of quest2. In this case, it only takes up 3-5% of quest2’s battery life.

How to care for face pad ?

Our mask is made of PU material, soft texture, and anti-sweat function. If the surface is dirty, it can be wiped with a wet towel.

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