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BOBOVR M2 Pro Battery Pack Head Strap for Oculus Quest 2

Magnetic Connection and Lightweight Design, 5200mah Replaceable Power Bank
  • Product introduction
  • Installation method
  • Q&A

1/ M2 Pro is a battery version head strap specially designed by BOBOVR for Quest2. The BOBOVR design team optimized many details on the basis of the original M2, which improved the overall comfort and practicality of the head strap.
2/ The dedicated battery pack weighs only 140g, achieving a 50:50 weight balance before and after. Compared with the traditional power bank, it greatly reduces the burden and Slip problem on the head;
3/ The battery pack adopts a magnetic quick-release design, the battery can be removed and charged without affecting the use of Quest2. Two battery packs can achieve unlimited battery life (the second battery needs to be purchased separately);
4/ The battery capacity of a single battery pack is 5200mah. A single battery pack can add about 3 hours of battery life to Quest2, and can provide a maximum of 15 watts of fast charging power; an additional Type-c interface is reserved for powering other accessories (such as BOBOVR F2).
5/ The redesigned shape of the back of the head brings a larger contact area and improves the overall wrapping and comfort; The adjustment rack is upgraded to a polymer material to prevent cracks from being used for a long time.

Please refer to the video below to install:

1/ Please take off the original Quest2 strap (gently open it from the back)
2/ Put quest2 on the table with the lens facing up
3/ Take out the BOBOVR M2 PRO, align the black sliding grooves on both sides with the sound cavity on both sides of quest2, press slowly, and make sure not to press to the bottom.
4/ Connect the power cord to the Quest2 and install the spare battery pack at the end.

There is a damping pad in the chute of M2 PRO. If it accidentally falls off during installation, please reinstall it by yourself.

1/ Does the M2 Pro product include a removable battery pack?

Answer: Yes, the default package of M2 Pro includes Strap and a battery pack;

2/ How to buy more spare battery packs?

Answer: We are stepping up production. The first batch of battery packs will be equipped with the M2 Strap first. It is expected that separate battery packs will be sold in the next 3 weeks.


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