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BOBOVRBrand advantage

The excellent quality of casting brand, deeply the general customers trust. BOBOVR since 2014, we have been focusing on VR field, for the majority of users to provide comprehensive VR products and services.
Focus on the high-end
We follow the market demand, provides the high quality, high standard, high experience of products and services.
Consistent high praise
We are of the same product won the broad masses of users love, holds more than 98% of the customer satisfaction.
Price is unified
Our products have a standard price system, unified retail prices around the world.
Patent support
We insist on innovation, each product have patent application support, guarantee products unique advantages.

BOBOVRTechnology advantage

To the user experience as the guide, set research and development, processing, the sale in a body, starting from the industrial chain source strictly controlled, formation of safety, high quality and practical process of VR products supply.
The r&d team
The company has a mature research and development team, experience, continuously improve product quality.
Research and development
We insist on improving VR user experience as a starting point, continue to adopt high-quality user feedback to improve.
Pursuit of quality
Every product we after cengcengbaguan and monitoring factory, ensure the best state to your users.
Cost control
We set research and development, processing, the sale in a body, layer upon layer the quality cost control.微信图片_20220122152517.png?fit=1280%2C807&ssl=1未标题-2.jpg?fit=200%2C200&ssl=1

BOBOVRService advantages

We always adhere to the user as the core, insist on good service users as the goal, always challenge the limit service concept, to provide the most professional services.
Policy perfect
We have perfect service policy, has always been to win customers a good reputation.
Customer service
We have professional customer service team, timely response to user feedback, to help users solve the problem.
Logistics distribution
We constantly improve global logistics system, the pursuit of efficient distribution services.
Customized service
We can give a local market with their own custom products, promotional material, allows you to better explore the market.

Joining process

If you want to apply to join , please contact us :
To add your needs and intention to submit an application to us in the form of an email.
Commissioner for further communication with you, with a detailed cooperation requirements.
Signed a cooperation agreement, obtain BOBOVR duly authorized.
The official opening service outlets, goods distribution in place, provide related services support.
What kind of conditions to join us?

If you recognize BOBOVR product idea, service spirit and brand consciousness to a certain extent, have conditional entity service outlets, welcome you to join us.

At present our products in which countries?

We have been trying to develop the market, until now, our products have been shipping to the United States, Britain, Japan, China and other countries, consistent recognition. We hope to as much as possible and platform to set up agency in different countries, to let more users can use our products.

What are the products we currently listed? How long the iteration?

We always adhere to customer experience as the core, and strive to develop products suitable for enhancing customers’ VR experience. Currently listed products include M2 Comfort Strap, M1 Sports Strap, ACF F2 series, Battery accessories, Face and Case, etc. In fact, we have been iterating and developing, mainly to improve the user experience defects and solve the problems encountered by all users when using VR equipment. As long as it suits the needs of users, we will strive for perfection.

What are our products after sales policy?

First of all our products are global unified price, so the price guaranteed. Then all our products are support for 30 days without reason return, ensure the user experience. At the same time we have a professional after-sales team, and to guide the user practical BOBOVR right in the process of the product and solve practical problems. Detailed after-sale policy, please click on the link below to know:

What is the efficiency of our logistics distribution time?

We’ve been looking for a more efficient distribution way, at present we are using the aging is more quick DHL delivery service, the goods via HongKong air to the world, according to past experience, we generally receive goods from the goods sent to you, usually it takes about two weeks.

Our product support custom service?

We have always been committed to innovation and create a unique product, and this is the business philosophy, BOBOVR very hope that we can suggest more perfect experience, so that we can give to the user more perfect VR equipment in use.

Enterprises have purchaser bulk purchase discount?

We are happy to provide service for enterprise users. If you need to buy in large quantities of our products, we will provide additional discount service. You can contact us by E-mail. In addition, if you have special custom requirements, also can negotiate!

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