BOBOVR M3 Mini Head Strap Accessories,Compatible with Quest 3,Elite Strap for Enhanced Support and Lightweight Design,Zero-Touch for ears

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-Lightweight and comfortable: The M3 mini sports strap is lighter and more compact than most similar head straps on the market. Compatible with Quest 3. The side straps are made of upgraded polymer materials, which are very tough and sturdy. The flexible support area of the head and back is larger and softer, which can adapt to various head sizes, ensuring stability and comfort;

-Avoid ear design:The M3 mini side strap part features a 15 degree bending design, ensuring stability and comfort while avoiding the ears. Intended to solve the problem of traditional elite style straps compressing the ears.

-Easier to Wear:The head strap supports a 120° upward flip, this design is very convenient for you to put on or take off the head strap, Great for glasses-wearing users and developers

-Dual pads, Dual experience:M3 mini strap comes with a set of extra honeycomb silicone pads for you to replace. The honeycomb pads can be directly interchanged with the original PU leather pads. Both pads have their own characteristics. You can choose the most suitable head pad according to different usage scenarios, making you more handy in the game

-Small size: It can be quickly put into the official case and most case on the market for storage without removing the rear bracket, and it can be rotated by a hinge to reduce the volume by 30%, and it can be easily put into a backpack

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